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SVG&MS club Monthly Newsletter

GEMS FROM THE SHENANDOAH Monthly Newsletter of


April meeting:   Monday, April 8th at 7:30 PM
Waynesboro Church of the Brethren
364 Bridge Road
Lower parking lot—Side Door entrance!

PROGRAM:  “Show and Tell” Meeting. Bring something to share with Club members.  This is your opportunity to highlight something you made, purchased, found, or otherwise obtained.  Maybe just a good rock story; for example “the one that got away”.

Bob Helt, Secretary

11 March 2013 CLUB MINUTES

*The meeting was called to order by Club President, Dean Hostetter.  Twenty five members and guests attended.
*February minutes approved.
*Treasurer’s report will be next month.

Old Business
*Sign up sheet for use of the Club’s workshop will be implemented. Tentative date is 3rd Saturday of each month.
*Changing the time of the meeting to 7 PM was tabled for members to consider at a later date.

New Business
*Jack Glenn has extensively expanded the Club’s web site. Although he is still fine-tuning, it should be ready for use.
*Dean Hostetter has made contact with the JMU Director of the Planetarium who has agreed to present a talk at a future Club meeting.

Field Trips
Vulcan Quarry, Manassas, VA; 23 March
Faber Lead Mine, Albemarle County, VA; 23 March
Special hike to manganese related ores; 6 April

PROGRAM Topic:  “Faceting, everything you wanted to know” presented by Kelly Lane.  Kelly started with an old Mark One used machine. He wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to facet but soon learned through trial and lots of error.  He overcame many problems to obtain the correct facet angle using a variety of stones, real and synthetic.  The first stone he cut he had estimated it would take 5 hours, it took 20. Today Kelly has honed his skill and has made numerous beautiful gems for sale and personal use such as pendents for his wife Alice.  Some lessons learned include:

-         Be careful as stress fractures may occur.
-         Be careful not to over-cut the adjoining facet.
-         Need lots to light to see your work
-         29-30 degrees will give you the most luster
-         A lot of it is just learning the touch.
-         HAVE FUN

Club Officers and Staff 2013
President – Dean Hostetter
Vice President – Leo Cloutier
Show Co-Chairs – Dean Hostetter and all Club members
Educational Outreach — Linda Corwin, Bob Helt
Secretary/Newsletter — Bob Helt
Field Trip Coordinator – Dean Hostetter
-         Treasurer – Scott Gregory
-         Web Site Coordinator – Jack Glenn
-         Club web site:
-         Club email:



Monday, March 11th at 7:30 PM

Church of the Brethren

Bridge Road

parking lot—Side
Door entrance!

“How to Facet”
by Kelly Lane.If you ever
want to know how to facet, Kelly has all the answers.

Dean Hostetter

Helt, Secretary

11 February 2013 CLUB MINUTES

* The meeting
was called to order by Club President, Dean Hostetter.
Thirteen Club members and 4 guests were present. Due to
church activities, the meeting was held in the upper level in the

* Discussion
held on the proposed 8 inch grinder. Estimated cost is $3K.This is a good size for larger rocks
and can accommodate two people.Motion
made/approved to gather more information and cost data.

* Per Leo
Cloutier potential problems related to the Fire Marshal inspection of
the Club’s workshop have been resolved. Scott
Gregory will purchase a fire extinguisher and hazardous material sign.

* Eleanor Matano
suggested we offer a second Saturday each month for use of the workshop.It was generally agreed this would
be good idea; how to establish the exact day was difficult.It was agreed the best way to meet
the increased demand might be to have a signup sheet at each meeting
and a second Saturday could be agreed at that time.
Also, Leo Cloutier was willing to consider opening the
workshop in the evenings.

* Sharon Helt
proposed the Club consider changing the meeting time to 7:00 instead of
More discussion at the next meeting.

*NOTE: For all
future meetings, please use the side door (workshop side) due to
problems with the sidewalk.

Helt with commentary by Sharon Helt
.Bob and Sharon drove to Alaska (27
days) to meet up with their son Matthew who was working at Yukon
Charley Rivers National Preserve and then travel around Alaska for 10
days. Along the way they
met several interesting characters, visited unique and out of the way
locations, observed salmon fishing, dodged wildlife along the many open
and treacherous roads, and most importantly collected rocks, panned for
gold and listed to numerous gold related stories.
Rock collecting sites included: the world famous Kennicott
Copper mine, gold panning in the Yukon and Alaska, and jade collecting
in British Columbia.They
visited numerous mining sites and looked though large tailing piles.How to tell an Alaskan: “they carry
at least one weapon, have a broken windshield and are accompanied by
two dogs”.

provided by:Jilly Weigel

Club Officers and Staff 2013
President – Dean Hostetter
Vice President – Leo Cloutier
Show Co-Chairs – Dean Hostetter and all Club members
Educational Outreach — Linda Corwin, Bob Helt
Secretary/Newsletter — Bob Helt
Field Trip Coordinator – Dean Hostetter
-         Treasurer – Scott Gregory
-         Web Site Coordinator – Jack Glenn
-         Club web site:
-         Club email:


We have 2 trips for
March 23rd.

1) Vulcan Materials in Manasas. I will not lead this one.I was just
there in Dec. I need a leader for this trip.
2) Faber Lead Zinc Mine. Limited invite from Roanoke/Lynchburg clubs.We
can only take 1 car load.First to respond will be put on list.
separate notices to follow. Dean Hostetter President and Field trip

Reply to this
e-mail. Or sign at tomorrow’s meeting.I need a trip leader for this
one. I did find some real good prehnite with calcite in Dec. Thanks

From: dean
Subject: Fw: Vulcan Manassas March 23rd
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2013 20:26:15 -0400


Northern Virginia
Mineral Club

Official Collecting New
Style Trip Announcement

Vulcan Manassas
Aggregate Quarry, Manassas, VA

and Underwater Dancing!
(Weather Permitting)

Now with New Jokes, Jibes and Japes!

March 23rd, 2013, 7:00 am to
Noon-esque (Subject to the whim of Lloyd!)

esteemed former contact, Micky, has done gone and retired. He will be

Here is your basic actual,
real, genuine trip announcement from me, your
reliable, responsible, safe, secure, solid, steady, sure, tried-and-true,
trip coordinator, to you, an agog, antsy, anxious, ardent, athirst, avid collector of earthy bits. At
7:00 am sharp(-ish) on March 23rd, 2013 (meeting at the Mine Office)
we, the herd, the hoi polloi, the millions, the mob, or, if you prefer, the multitude will meet at the mine
office parking lot.

For those of you unfamiliar
with said quarry it is a monsterous, nay, gargantuan and gaping empty.
Wholly half a mile across, 500 feet deep and essentially right next to
the Manassas mall. You could place the Washington Monument in the
bottom and only an itty
bitty bit
of the top would show, unless, of course, you
placed it upside and pounded it into place with a super gigantic hammer
from outer space like a billion penny nail. Thus, BRING THE

Northern Virginia
Mineral Club

Official Collecting and
Really, Really Big Hammer Trip Announcement

Vulcan Manassas
Aggregate Quarry, Manassas, VA

It may be too cold
(or windy, or otherwise meteorlogically violent) for this trip to work
out so it may not come off and thus be canceled.
Dubious? In doubt? Inexplicitly uncertain? Contact
me no later than 9 pm the day before. (If you call after 10 pm and
before 9 am you WILL get a
lesson in the dark side of the social discourse. I promise.)
Minerals Available (at
Actinolite, var: Byssolite,
Aegirine, Airtight, ‘Air Ships’, ‘Apatite’, ‘Apophyllite’, Aragonite,
Babingtonite, Balloons, Blight, ‘Blimps’, Biotite, Bornite, Calcite,
‘Chabazite’, Chalcopyrite, Cigar-shaped UFOs, Clinozoisite,
Cristobalite, Datolite, Dirigibles, ‘Feldspar Group’, Galena,
Greenockite, Grossular, Gyrolite, Hematite, var: Specularite,
‘Heulandite’, Ignite, Ilmenite, Inflated Aerial Vehicles, Laumontite,
Leafblight, Low Level Flights, Malachite, Muscovite, Natrolite, Opal,
Mopal, Dipple Dapple Dopal, Orthoclase, Pectolite, Prehnite,
‘Pumpellyite’, Quartz, Rutile, Scheelite, Scolecite, Silver,
Sphalerite, ‘Stilbite’, Thaumasite, Titanite, Topaz, ‘Tourmaline’,
Zeppelins, Zircon, Zippity Doo Dah.

Who is Invited:
Any and all members in goodly
and decent standing of any eastern federation affiliated club. Roanoke
Club members also welcome. Also, any and all Victoria’s Secret
models. All humans under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a
responsible adult (HUMAN adult, please). Non-human higher primates also
welcome. But, only if they share my erratic and admittedly bizarre
views on the current crop of controversial social issues.

If you are not a member you may
go to our website,
Print off the membership form,
fill it out and show up at the trip meeting with that and the
appropriate of membership dues. Cheap at thrice the price. (frice?)
You’ll be good to go and glad you did.

Be reminded that the trip
coordinator is mandatorially due the acclamation, accolades, applause,
appreciation, approbation and approval usually furnished to washed-up
A-list Hollywood stars, think “Tony Curtis”. You may fawn, gush or
worship as seems best to you. If not, well, I can’t work like this,
I’ll be in my trailer.

Directions(to Vulcan):
Contact James
Tiberius Kirk and see if you can hitch a ride.


From Interstate 66 &
Virginia 234 (bypass, not business. The bypass is 3 to 4 miles
west of the business exits.)
  1. Head west on Exit 44 0. 9 mi
  2. Merge onto Prince William
    (Billy to his friends) Pkwy/VA-234 S 2. 7 mi
  1. Turn left at (Beef) Wellington
    Rd 0. 5 mi
  1. Turn left at Vulcan (not the
    fictitious planet) Ln
  1. The destination will be on the
    right just passed the gate 0. 1 mi
8537 Vulcan Lane, Manassas, VA

What you MUST Bring:
Steel-toed Boots –Absolutely and totally required, no exceptions: You
must have steel toed shoes or we will act in a wholly inappropriate and
abrasive manner toward you. We will break out the rude stick and beat
you about the head and shoulders with it, metaphorically speaking.

Safety Helmet –A fashion must have: Without a helmet you
will face a great deal of negative peer pressure. I will personally
call you savagely insulting names.
Like: “Boobyhead”
Safety Gogles –We demand that you have and
wear safety goggles at all times: Failure to do so will result in many
snide comments, as well as being tossed from the trip.

Heavy Work Gloves –You have got to have safety
gloves: It may or may not be a statute of the laws of Virginia but if
you do not have gloves we will get snippy. Additionally, none of us
like to hear screaming. I’m fairly sure of that.

What you Probably Should,
if you think about it,
Tools - a goodly idea.
Rock Chisels, Small Rock Hammers, Large Sledge Hammers, Geologists
Picks, Pry Bars and Frankenberry cereal. No “Claw” or “Carpenters”
hammers as the often explode on impact, really and actually. Not fun.
Tools suitable for the delicate art of rock smashing are normally made
of soft steel, not tool grade hardened steel.

– Heavy Plastic
Containers (for iggy-biggy specimens), Egg Cartons (for weensy-teensy
specimens). Tissue paper, (always handy).

Useful Stuff
– First Aid Kits,
Snacks, Water, Plastic Sheeting (to protect the interior of your car).
This time I don’t
want to see
any antiaircraft
rockets. Worse, the TSA, the FBI and the Department of Agriculture;
Corn Division, have put us on notice. Believe me when I say that they
can be blunt, brutish and brusque. So, none of that.

ClothesThere are laws concerning
that sort of thing, you know.

Special Note:
Due to the current economic
situation, little blasting has been done at the quarry recently.
Therefor, pickins may be slender at best. Or not, don’t be so gloomy.

Due to the vagaries of weather,
zoology and any odd thing I may dream up, the event may be canceled at
any moment completely without warning. (
Bwa-ha-ha-ha! The thrill of the unbridled
power!) If there is any question as to whether the trip will come off
or if you simply want to go on the trip contact me at ???
and enjoy my humorous/deeply
disturbing answering machine message.

and below is the information on our upcoming field trip. Please note
that you must sign up at the March meeting , email or call me to get on
the list. Do not just show up! Parking is very limited and we may need
to car-pool. If you receive this e-mail, you are invited but you must
still contact me to get on the list. Also contact me for an alternate
meeting spot.
you, David
Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sign-up required, call me, email
me or sign-up at the meeting—parking space is limited

Amherst, VA, Saturday morning, at the Hardies Restaurant on US 29
business no later than 8:30 A.M. We will decide if we need to carpool.
We can leave cars here if needed. We will depart from there
promptly 8:45 A.M.
From Lynchburg and Roanoke, follow US Rt. 460 east / US 29
north by-pass several miles east of Lynchburg. Take the new US Rt. 29
north by-pass across the James River and proceed north to the Amherst
US 29 business exit. The Hardies is in the Ambriar Shopping Center at
this exit. Come early and have a bite to eat. We can determine if
carpooling is necessary and leave any cars here. From this point, it
should take about 45 minutes to arrive at the parking area along Rt. 6.
Be sure that you are fueled up and ready to leave by 8:45 A.M. If you
are coming from the north, the US 29 business exit will be about 2
miles south of the US 60 exit. If you live in Lynchburg, it might be
closer to just follow US 29 business thru Madison Heights to Amherst.
The Hardies will be on your left at the new US 29 bypass interchange,
just before you arrive at the town of Amherst.
Dress for the weather that day and be sure to bring food,
water, bug spray and warm clothing. Wear boots, gloves, long pants and
safety glasses. Hard hats will not be required.
Due to the restricted parking along Route 6, we must limit attendance
to 10 or 12 cars maximum. Only those that call to reserve your place,
or sign up at the meeting will be allowed to attend. Car-pooling is
recommended. We will arrive at a small parking area at the intersection
of Rt. 29 North and Rt. 6 East about 9:30AM. We can leave some cars
here if necessary and pick up those that will meet us here.THE
I have received permission from the landowner and he
has some rules that must be obeyed. NO SMOKING (extremely dry and a
high fire hazard could exist). Keep away from the 3 open shafts and
collect only geologic specimens, not historic pieces, and leave NO
TRASH. This is a beautiful, classic and historic site and the owner has
graciously allowed us to collect there.The mine is about 1.5 miles (a
good 45 minute walk) along a mostly level, rutted dirt road. Recent
logging in the area has made the road rough and possibly muddy in
places. Since we must walk in and out, and lead is very heavy, you
might want to bring a wagon, hand truck or at the least a good back
pack. Good walking shoes are a must and be sure to bring plenty of
water and snacks. You’ll also need safety glasses, hammers, chisel, a
tool to scratch thru the dirt and overburden and turn over rocks,
buckets or bags with newspaper to wrap your delicate specimens.
COLLECTING: Expect to find galena
(Lead), sphalerite (Zinc) and fluorite
(white and purple). Other minerals that exist there are chalcopyrite,
pyrite, pyrrhotite, magnetite,
quartz, calcite,
cerussite, chalcanthite, pyromorphite, kaolinite, azurite, chlorite

and hydrozincite. Many of these are fluorescent
under ultraviolet lamp.
HISTORY: The mine was discovered in 1849, and
operated off and on by the Confederates during the Civil War producing
an excess 7,000 pounds of lead, but abandoned when General Sherman
crossed the Blue Ridge at Rockfish Gap. In 1905, it was again opened
for Lead and Zinc but closed again about 1919. Several other
unsuccessful attempts to reopen the mine were short-lived. The 3 shafts
are now partly choked and caved and the audit reopened in 1958 is now
caved. A large dump still exists and will still yield beautiful
specimens after much searching and digging.
We must arrive and walk in together, but you may leave any time you
want and walk out by yourself. This is a unique collecting site and we
are fortunate to have it in our area and have a landowner who is
willing to share it with us.
CONTACT: David Callahan, Field Trip Chairman. The Gem and Mineral
Society of Lynchburg, VA, Inc. and The Roanoke Valley Mineral and Gem
Society, Inc. Web sites:
(rvmgs is currently under construction)

Monthly Newsletter of

January 2013

Club meeting will be Monday, February 11th 2013, 7:30 PM
Waynesboro Church of the Brethren, 364 Bridge Road, lower parking lot.

Speaker – Club
member, Bob Helt. Bob and Sharon Helt drove to Eagle, Alaska
July/August 2012 (27 days). During the trip, they stopped to explore
the wilderness within Canada/Yukon Territory and numerous sites within
Alaska to collect rocks, pan for gold and fend off wild animals.

January 2013 CLUB MINUTES

* The meeting
was called to order by our new Club President, Dean Hostetter.
Eighteen club members and 2 guests were present.

to the December Rock Club minutes. Ten club members attended the
Manassas Quarry field trip. Specimens
from the field trip were displayed at the meeting
report by Scott Gregory:Remember club dues
($10 per family) are due now.Club insurance
and Post Office Box annual fees have been paid. We have approximately
$5400 cash plus our long standing CD. After expenses, the show netted
$1700.We might want to consider increasing
the funds for the annual Betty Lloyd scholarship. In past years we have
approved a minimum of $600.

The annual fee
of $10 per family may be sent to the below address or brought to the
meeting.Please complete the attach form with your

Valley Gem & Mineral Society
Mr. Scott Gregory (SVGMS Treasurer)
West Main Street

* Kelly Lane
announced the upcoming schedule of events and speakers for the
Wildacres Retreat scheduled this year, April 8-14 and Sept 2-8. Week
long classes including room and board cost approx $325.Excellent
opportunity to participate in a variety of courses of interest to hobby
enthusiasts. Suggest you check out their web

to Club member Patrick Corwin who was accepted to the Colorado School
of Mines. — Now if we can just get Patrick to sponsor a field trip to

*Jack Glenn
proposed we consider purchase of a new diamond grinder for the club’s
workshop. A second grinder, estimated cost $1700+/-, should be
purchased due to the increased number of members who are using the
workshop.Jack volunteered to look into
obtaining cost data.

Reminder: The
workshop located beside the church is open the Saturday following the
Club meeting from 9 – 12 noon (weather permitting).

*Jack Glenn has
made substantial progress on upgrading the Club’s website. If you have
any photographs from any prior club events (field trips, show etc),
please send to Jack at:

*Jilly Weigel
volunteered to provide refreshments for the February meeting.

Hostetter reminded everyone of the upcoming 26 January field trip to
James Madison University.

by club member John Schlabach
. John
spent 18 days mining for gold in Nome, Alaska. The trip was sponsored
by Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) and opened to paid
club members. John was picked up at the Nome Airport on 28 July only
carrying a few essentials to include sleeping bag and air mattress. He
was assigned to a 4 man hutch (small plywood shack) heated by a wood
stove. The temperature only reached a high of 45 degrees on one day.
Two man teams were assigned to a claim on the beach of 50’ by 100’. The
camp owned a total of 2500 acres of beach property. All provisions such
as food are provided by the camp.To reachgold bearing rock they had to
dig approximately 3 feet to reach the ruby sand level which contained
the most gold. John and his partner dug and ran the dirt though a high
banker with water from the ocean.They
cleaned out the sluice twice a day. You get to keep everything you
find. John sent home the black sand in 32 oz plastic water bottles to
be processed at a later date.John had
beautiful pictures documenting camp activities with interesting stories
of his adventures.In his spare time, he
successfully fished for Silver salmon which he smoked and sent home to
Ruth. Thanks John we all want to go next year!

Bob Helt,

Club Officers and Staff 2013
President – Dean Hostetter
Vice President – Leo Cloutier
Show Co-Chairs – Dean Hostetter and all Club members
Educational Outreach — Linda Corwin, Bob Helt
Secretary/Newsletter — Bob Helt
Field Trip Coordinator – Dean Hostetter
-         Treasurer – Scott Gregory
-         Web Site Coordinator – Jack Glenn
-         Club web site:
-         Club email:



Monthly Newsletter of


July 2012


Monday, July 9 th

COYNER SPRINGS PARK, 2091 Lyndhurst Drive, Waynesboro

6:30 PM (This is earlier than we normally meet). Rain or shine!!!

Drive south on Rt 340 toward Stuarts Draft. Turn left on State Route
631 (Ladd Rd). Go about 1.5 miles; Ladd Road changes to Lyndhurst Road.
The park in on the left.

The picnic will be rain or
shine, under the 30×40 shelter with picnic tables. Bring food (pot
luck) and a beverage to share! Please bring you own
utensils/cups/plates/napkins. The club will provide the fun. Suggest
you check the park out on line; this is a very nice picnic area. Bring
rocks to swap or stories to tell.

Hope to see you everyone!

Bob Helt/Secretary